Kalin Flournoy
Kalin Flournoy

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KALIN was raised ranching and farming and has made his living doing so all of his adult life. He has pulled calves, roped, cut, branded, straightened and fed his own cattle; plowed ground, planted, sprayed and harvested his own crops for a living. He knows how to realistically price farms, ranches, feed yards and dairies.

HE IS NOT some sleazy salesman that makes pie-in-the-sky promises, one who has never actually made a living on livestock or crops, but in all reality doesn't know a cotton-field from a feed-yard - with no more real ag experience than Donald Duck.

NEITHER DOES HE expect to raise his family for an entire year (or two) on the commission from a single sale. There are brokerages out there that make more profit from a single sale than much harder working men and women make in an entire year. That practice isn't something that allows Kalin to sleep at night - plain and simple.

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